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My name is Aaron Li, I am from the United States, I am concentrated on the sales and production of concrete and construction machinery, I am familiar with the real estate project development process, building and construction law and associated building market guidelines and acceptance requirements, master the construction procedure of civil engineering, a particular engineering strategy examine capability, good construction site organization and coordination, task management abilities. Rich experience in building management and useful experience in managing a group, strong ability to resist pressure and proactive work. Diligent and dedicated, genuine, favorable, proactive, with a strong sense of obligation. Open-minded, responsive, with strong logical thinking ability, simple to accept brand-new knowledge rapidly. At present, our company produces the following machines: laser screed, power screed, Concrete trowel machine for sale, truss screed, Ride on trowel machine for sale and roller screed, welcome friends from all walks of life to purchase and consult.